Workplace pensions – Auto Enrolment

Workplace pensions – Auto Enrolment

If you run a business and employ any staff, you now have an obligation to put staff into a pension scheme and contribute towards it.  This is called “automatic enrolment” or AE and your staging date for implementing a scheme is fast approaching (or may have passed already).


At Lucesco we can help you work out what you must do and by when, then put your plans in place for you.   We want to ensure that you are ready in good time to avoid incurring the hefty penalty fines for non-compliance, which can be £500 per day.  So we have designed a complete package of advice and implementation, to take away the worry, time and effort from your business.  As Directors you may also wish to read our blog on Directors Pensions and their additional benefits.

Auto Enrolment

As an employer you have an obligation to set up a pension for your employees under the Auto Enrolment rules which are quite complex, so why not let Lucesco take away the burden of arranging this for you.

Stage 1: AE Employer Duties Report

A report tailored specifically to your business detailing exactly what you need to do and by when.

Stage 2: AE Pension Scheme Recommendation and Implementation service.  Including:

  • Comprehensive research and recommendation of the most suited scheme for your business, and identifying all the costs.
  • Setup of the scheme with selected provider.
  • Enrolment of the members.
  • Liaison with your payroll team.
  • Completion of declarations to the Pensions Regulator.

If you would like to hear more about these services, please contact me on 01273 617160 or