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Realistically, will you have the lifestyle you desire in your retirement years?

The most common age at death is 86 for men and 89 for women… And rising!

SOURCE: Office of National Statistics –

So your pension fund needs to work hard over the next few years to be healthy enough to pay for the 20 plus years of your retirement.

At Lucesco, we can help you find out what pension provision you have already and establish what goals you want to achieve for your retirement. Together we will then be in the perfect position to design a robust plan for how you are going to get there. But don’t leave it too late!

“Providing the tools to grow and the power to retire”

We understand that your concerns, needs and plans are personal and individual to you, that’s why our bespoke pension solutions are exactly that, bespoke. Whether you need flexibility, wider investment choice, additional features and options, we can help you formulate your own plan.

Are you ready to take action and change the way your investments work for you?


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The primary benefit I have received working with Lucesco, is knowing it (my pension) is in a good place to provide for my retirement.
Phil, Cambridgeshire.
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Just a quick note to thank you, for helping me with my pension. It has been working well for several months now and not a moment too soon. So again, many thanks to you all.
Simon, Hampshire.


Lucesco Ltd is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, nor are the products that it promotes. Unregulated investments are deemed to be higher risk and may not be suitable for every investor. If you would like independent financial advice or wish to invest in regulated investment products, we can refer you to one of our team of Independent Financial Advisers.

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