Innovative Finance ISA

What is an ISA and what different types are there?

ISAs were introduced on 6 April 1999 as a way of creating a tax free savings culture in the UK, the rules have changed over the years but the current rules allow you to;


  • Invest in a variety of different types of ISA

  • Contribute up to £20,000 each year across the ISA range


  • Transfer between different ISA providers and types subject to certain restrictions


  • Take the income and growth produced without a liability to taxation

Available through an IFISA:

Peer-to-peer lending to co-working space providers

We offer a range of investments that are available as an IFISA, meaning the interest rate is NOT subject to tax and becomes the NET amount paid to you. 


So if you haven’t already used your £20,000 ISA allowance for this tax year and want to consider a tax free investment, please get in touch.  If you have already used some or all of your allowance, you can still invest the balance up to £20,000 and you can transfer money between ISA’s to broaden your investment options.

Available through an IFISA:

Peer-to-peer lending to property development companies. 

There are various different types of ISA, originally Cash ISA and Stocks & Shares (equity) ISA.  In April 2016 the government introduced the new Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA), which is based on 'Peer to Peer lending' which gives an investor the chance to access a different asset type to cash or equity.   For details of all ISA’s visit 

These IFISA’s mean you don’t have to pay tax on interest made from peer-to-peer lending. People who are willing to take more risk with their cash can lend money to individuals or companies via a peer-to-peer platform. Peer-to-peer loans typically offer higher interest rates than savings accounts.

Important notice

Lucesco Ltd is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and does not give financial advice.  The investments that we introduce are unregulated and not covered by the FSCS.  We recommend you seek independent financial advice before investing.

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