Funding an overseas property investment

Funding an overseas property investment

Following on the theme of using hotels and tourism for you to make long term investments, I now turn to funding of this investment of which there are many options.

portfolio of investments

Cash Investments – If you have a portfolio of investments already and are looking to expand your profile, we can look at options within this sector.

Trust and Company Funds – another option would be to utilise cash available within your Company or a Trust Fund, these could be held for capital growth or income producing property investment

Pension Funds – Many of these investments are also available through SSAS pension or SIPP pension funds (Self Invested Personal Pensions)

Property Syndicates – this is where a group of investors pool their funds to buy a portfolio of options, including property investment

income producing assets

Whichever route you take, it is advisable to assess the risk level and balance your choices accordingly, look at the information available and along with your advisers, create a file of due diligence on each investment ensuring that you ask the right questions.  It is important to get the correct balance of investments that do different jobs within your portfolio, mixing capital growth and income producing assets to the greatest effect to suit your current and future needs.

Finally, take your time and take advice.

For further information, please contact Lucesco on 0845 073 0497 or, they will check your eligibility to receive information about investments available.

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