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Let your investment portfolio begin to shine

Fixed interest investments from 7% - 12% pa.

Whether you are looking to grow your capital for the future or generate additional income streams, at Lucesco we offer a range of asset-backed investment opportunities to add to your portfolio.

Property continues to be a popular category for investment, but you may not feel that you have the expertise, time or capital to invest directly.  We introduce investors to carefully researched, property-based and hands-free projects to help them achieve their goals.

The investments include; Property Bonds, Loan Notes and direct holdings, in the following sectors:

  • Property development, refurbishment and new build

  • Commercial and Residential Buy-to-Let

  • Hotels, Offices and Care Homes

  • Freehold and Leasehold

  • UK and Overseas

What can you expect from us?

Long-term relationships are based on trust and honesty, and we are proud to say that our client base goes back many years. 

Our role is to ensure you have all the information about each investment; including the risks as well as the rewards.  We want you to feel confident that you have made an informed choice and selected the right options for your own goals and personal views.  You will never feel pressured to make an investment!

When you have made your selection, we will support and guide you through the application and investment process.  Throughout the term of your investment we will provide news on the investments you have made and also inform you of other investment opportunities as they arise.

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